Conferencia Jon Neverdie Jacobs

Conferencia Jon Neverdie Jacobs

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Meet Internet celebrity Jon «Neverdie» Jacobs, and join him along other VR experts and analysts in an insightful conversation on the realities and fantasies of the promised lands of the #Metaverse. Jon Jacobs (born 10 September 1966 in Derbyshire, England) is an English actor, entrepreneur, director, producer, writer, and creator of the avatar Neverdie from the virtual world Entropia Universe that Reuters described as «a legendary adventurer, celebrity, and fabulously wealthy entrepreneur in the online world of Entropia». The Associated Press described Neverdie as an «Internet icon» In 2002 Jon created the Iconic «Neverdie» avatar inside the Entropia Universe. In 2005 Jon co-directed and starred as DJ Hound Dog in the Electronic Dance Movie «Hey DJ! Film featuring a line up of many of the worlds top international DJ’s. In 2005, Jacobs mortgaged his home to buy a virtual asteroid for US$100,000, being the most valuable virtual item ever sold at that time.

Jacobs claims that he received an offer to sell the asteroid for US$200,000 the following day, but he refused. The asteroid space resort was named Club Neverdie after its owner’s avatar name.In 2010 Jon Jacobs sold the Asteroid Space Resort to various other Entropia Universe participants for a total of US$635,000. Jacobs’ avatar subsequently appeared in The Discovery Channel documentaries Gamer Generation and I, Videogame, it also appeared in the Canal+ documentary La Vraie vie des mondes virtuels. ABC News did a video interview with Jacobs entitled A Portrait of the Avatar. The Los Angeles Times described Jacobs avatar as «the world’s first cyber-superstar».

Neverdie was included in the 2008 Guinness Book of Records as well as the 2010 Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition for owning «the most expensive virtual item», namely the Asteroid Space Resort called Club Neverdie. The club is also host to the Massive Multiplayer Online World Championships (MMOWC). Neverdie has appeared on 60 Minutes.

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